Meghan Freeman / September 7, 2020

The benefits of getting a gaming chair for your home office

With a huge portion of people now working from home many people are investing in home office setups as this seems to be the new normal for many companies. Such a setup includes getting a printer, office desk and of course a high quality office chair. There is also another product that are becoming increasingly popular and that is the gaming chair. A gaming chair is essentially an office chair that is ergonomic in design. Originally designed for gamers hence the name these have seen been adopted for workers and stay at home workers alike due to the comfort of them.

Gaming chairs are also design to support your back and arms and usually come with a reclining feature of approx 180 degrees. It is standard that many of these chairs also have an adjustable height function so you can sit at a comfortable and safe height to your computer or keyboard. Although these are a premium product you can get them from €199.00 from websites like Housetech.

Many people are finding the working from home a great benefit as it is removing the stress of commuting into work everyday. It also means that there are less people on the roads in the morning which generally would mean less traffic however due to the pandemic many people are driving to work to avoid public transport.

Working from home is not for everyone however. Many people find it quite isolating and miss the social interaction of being in the office. It is really a case of where you work however and if you have friends in the office rather than just colleagues. If you are not friendly with people from work or even worse that you do not get on with people from work then working from home is less stressful in that sense also.

In any case it seems it is the new normal and companies seem happy with the output from their workers for the most part.

Meghan Freeman / April 24, 2020

Covid-19 causing a shortage in home gym equipment

With the recent covid-19 lock down closing all public gatherings including commercial gyms keeping fit is not an easy thing to do these days. The government announced that people can only exercise within 2 kilometers of their home which means that staying fit is proving quite the task for a lot of people. 

With the gyms having to close all of a sudden and home gym equipment in huge demand people have been struggling to get the equipment they need in order to keep fit. Fitness equipment like rowing machines, exercise bikes as well as strength equipment like dumbbells and squat rack are proving very difficult to get. When they are available many stores are charging a premium for the equipment and as always the market dictates the price.

Home workout routines are being posted all over the internet and Instagram In particular has become a hotbed of no equipment home workouts. These are a great alternative for the short term but staying motivated doing these workouts alone is a tough task for a lot of people. Fitness Youtubers like Joe Wicks are getting millions of views on their videos so the Covid-19 crises is not all bad news for certain people although they are few and far between. 

Now more than ever people are turning to fitness to stay healthy not just physically but mentally also. Being locked up in the house all day is not good for anyone so doing some form of exercise is really important to keep your mental health as well as working up a sweat. Websites like Mestech who offer home gym equipment can’t keep up with the demand for fitness equipment and the same is being reported across the industry. If you are looking for a new business to get into this could be a good time to go the fitness route! Stay safe out there guys. 

Meghan Freeman / January 11, 2020

Hoverboards a big hit again this Christmas.

Hoverboards have proven to again be a hugely popular product this Christmas with hoverboard store reporting a huge increase in sales from late October to December 2019. Although many thought the hoverboard to be a fad they have appeared to last the test of time, at least for the moment. Now there are many suppliers of hoverboards and there are even products like segways for adults that people are beginning to use as a form of transport around cities.

Such devices owe their birth to the hoverboard and it was in fact the Chinese that came up with the hoverboard product in the first place. Segway was since bought by Ninebot who are one of the first electric scooter suppliers in the world. Well to be more accurate that are one of the brands that brought the electric scooter to the main stream. Before the Ninebot ES1 electric scooters and hoverboards were not a nice looking product and this was one of the main reasons why they did not take off until recently. Between Ninebot and Xiaomi they have over 70% of the electric scooter market globally.

Here in Ireland electric scooters are starting to take off whilst hoverboards have remained more of a toy for the kids, electric scooters are being used instead of buses, trains and the Luas to provide an eco friendly way to commute around town. Although still technically not legal on Irish roads many are taking to them anyway as they are usually allowed once you are not doing anything stupid with them.