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  • Why drug users leave treatment

    Posted on April 30th, 2009 TimB No comments

    Four out of five of the 200,000 individuals in contact with treatment services in England either complete a programme satisfactorily, or stay in one long enough for both them and the community to gain lasting benefit – through less crime, improved health, and better social functioning. And the number of individuals successfully completing a drug treatment programme has risen steadily, to almost 25,000 last year.

    Drug dependency is a chronic condition, characterised by relapse and remission, and it doesn’t fit the popular medical image of diagnosis, treatment and cure. Clinicians expect a typical heroin addict to go in and out of treatment several times. Typically, it takes six goes over six years to become drug-free. So we can’t assume that all those who successfully complete a course of treatment will sustain this improvement permanently.

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