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  • The Experience of Recovery from Alcohol/Drugs (AOD)

    Posted on April 10th, 2011 TimB No comments

    The focus of this study is to research the “lived experiences” of participants in bearly recovery from alcohol and/or other drugs.  Understanding such experiences is  important for health professionals in treatment planning and can also provide insight into  relapse prevention.  The insight and knowledge gained from the “lived experiences” of  people in early recovery may help health professionals in formulating better models of  care for individuals in early recovery.

    Without sufficient data relating to the “lived experiences” of people in early recovery; the best support, assistance, and relapse prevention planning is limited.  It is hoped that data collected from this study of “lived experience” will improve our understanding of the stigma, hurdles, discrimination, and barriers people in early recovery face in getting on with their lives.  In addition, the analysis of the “lived experiences” that comprise this study may reveal what helps and what hinders individuals in early recovery from alcohol and/or other drugs.


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