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  • The Recovery Spectrum From Self­Change to Seeking Treatment

    Posted on April 11th, 2011 TimB No comments

    Recent innovations in alcohol­focused interventions are aimed at closing the gap between population need and the currently uncommon use of alcohol treatment services. Guided by population data showing the heterogeneity of alcohol problems and the occurrence of natural remissions from problem drinking without treatment, alcohol services have begun to expand beyond clinical treatment to offer the untreated majority of individuals with alcohol­ related problems accessible, less­intensive services that use the tools of public health practice. These services often are opportunistic, meaning they can be provided in primary­ care or other unspecialized health care or community settings. They also can be delivered by nonspecialists, or can be used by people themselves to address problems with alcohol without entering the health care system. This developing spectrum of services includes screening and brief interventions, guided self­change programs, and telehealth options that often are targeted and tailored for high­risk groups (e.g., college drinkers)


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