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  • Mortality related to drug use in Europe: public health implications

    Posted on November 17th, 2011 TimB No comments

    In recent decades, the overall level of illicit drug use in Europe has risen dramatically, and with it the number of deaths among the drug-using population, in particular among problem drug users. In the 21st century, a considerable share of premature or avoidable mortality among young adults can be attributed to illicit drug overdose, which accounts for an estimated 4% of deaths among those aged 15–39 in Europe (1). These deaths are often related to injecting drug use and, in most cases, involve a combination of substances (Best et al., 2000), but they represent only part of mortality among drug users (2). In addition, a substantial number of deaths are indirectly. related to drug use, such as those from HIV/AIDS related to injecting drug use, accidents, violence and suicides. The high levels of mortality among drug users are a serious cause for concern both at the individual and the societal .


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