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  • The untold truth about “bath salt” highs:A case series demonstrating local tissue injury

    Posted on September 17th, 2012 TimB No comments

    Chemically related to the internationally controlledsubstance cathinone, cathinone derivatives such as mephedrone first emerged in 2007 as a substitute for illicitstimulant drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy.Advertised as“bath salts” and available in a powder form at 15 per 0.5 g, they can be taken orally, insufated or injectedintravenously. Prior to the introduction of legislation in May2010 controlling a broad range of psychoactive substances. These products were readily available in head shops acrossIreland. These inexpensive substances were increasinglyused by intravenous drug abusers and led to a signi?cantincrease in local complications around the injection site.We discuss four cases that presented to a single insti-tution in Dublin from February to May 2010 with soft tissuecomplications as a direct result of this practice. Patient demographics, mechanism of injury, presentation,management and outcomes were recorded (Table 1) with accompanying images.


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