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  • The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) safety alert on Melanotan

    Posted on September 29th, 2012 TimB No comments

    ‘Tan jab’ continues to pose a risk to health, warns IMB

    The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) today reiterated a precautionary safety alert in relation to  the unauthorised tanning medicine Melanotan (I and II) which is illegal on the Irish market.  This product is not available in pharmacies or authorised distribution channels in Ireland and  it is thought that it is being sourced by consumers on the internet. There is no evidence that it is safe or effective. The IMB has previously warned of the risk of side-effects, ranging from  nausea to headaches and other unknown outcomes. The IMB is advising any consumers  who are currently using this product to cease doing so immediately and consult with their doctor or pharmacist. This product is not authorised in any country in Europe.

    Melanotan is an unlicensed medicine marketed through the internet that purports to assist  tanning. It also claims to have a number of additional benefits, including appetite suppression. There is no indication at this time that this product is available in retail outlets in
    Ireland.  Commenting, John Lynch, Director of Compliance at the IMB, stated that the IMB is  concerned that consumers are purchasing medicines via unregulated outlets, such as the  internet.  “Melanotan is not authorised in Ireland and the safety of its ingredients is not known.  There is absolutely no way for consumers to know what or how much ingredient is actually in  the product The IMB recommends that consumers with health concerns related to the use of  the product should seek the advice of their doctor or pharmacist.

    The IMB strongly advises  consumers not to purchase any prescription medicine on the internet.” Consumers who may be using this product are advised to immediately cease doing so and to consult with their doctor or pharmacist if they have any concerns. Anyone who wishes to safely dispose of the product can contact the IMB in confidence on (01) 634 3436. In the  meantime, any remaining unused packs of the product should be stored safely out of the  sight and reach of others.



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