Covid-19 causing a shortage in home gym equipment

Meghan Freeman / April 24, 2020

With the recent covid-19 lock down closing all public gatherings including commercial gyms keeping fit is not an easy thing to do these days. The government announced that people can only exercise within 2 kilometers of their home which means that staying fit is proving quite the task for a lot of people. 

With the gyms having to close all of a sudden and home gym equipment in huge demand people have been struggling to get the equipment they need in order to keep fit. Fitness equipment like rowing machines, exercise bikes as well as strength equipment like dumbbells and squat rack are proving very difficult to get. When they are available many stores are charging a premium for the equipment and as always the market dictates the price.

Home workout routines are being posted all over the internet and Instagram In particular has become a hotbed of no equipment home workouts. These are a great alternative for the short term but staying motivated doing these workouts alone is a tough task for a lot of people. Fitness Youtubers like Joe Wicks are getting millions of views on their videos so the Covid-19 crises is not all bad news for certain people although they are few and far between. 

Now more than ever people are turning to fitness to stay healthy not just physically but mentally also. Being locked up in the house all day is not good for anyone so doing some form of exercise is really important to keep your mental health as well as working up a sweat. Websites like Mestech who offer home gym equipment can’t keep up with the demand for fitness equipment and the same is being reported across the industry. If you are looking for a new business to get into this could be a good time to go the fitness route! Stay safe out there guys.