The benefits of getting a gaming chair for your home office

Meghan Freeman / September 7, 2020

With a huge portion of people now working from home many people are investing in home office setups as this seems to be the new normal for many companies. Such a setup includes getting a printer, office desk and of course a high quality office chair. There is also another product that are becoming increasingly popular and that is the gaming chair. A gaming chair is essentially an office chair that is ergonomic in design. Originally designed for gamers hence the name these have seen been adopted for workers and stay at home workers alike due to the comfort of them.

Gaming chairs are also design to support your back and arms and usually come with a reclining feature of approx 180 degrees. It is standard that many of these chairs also have an adjustable height function so you can sit at a comfortable and safe height to your computer or keyboard. Although these are a premium product you can get them from €199.00 from websites like Housetech.

Many people are finding the working from home a great benefit as it is removing the stress of commuting into work everyday. It also means that there are less people on the roads in the morning which generally would mean less traffic however due to the pandemic many people are driving to work to avoid public transport.

Working from home is not for everyone however. Many people find it quite isolating and miss the social interaction of being in the office. It is really a case of where you work however and if you have friends in the office rather than just colleagues. If you are not friendly with people from work or even worse that you do not get on with people from work then working from home is less stressful in that sense also.

In any case it seems it is the new normal and companies seem happy with the output from their workers for the most part.